Shree Kisanlalji Bora Education Society Foundation.

Shree Kisanlalji Bora’s work is extra –Ordinary in various fields like Political, Social, Agricultural, Educational, Religious and Cultural. He established "Vani Merchant Bank" in Vani and provided the stream of wealth to the farmers for their all round development in agricultural field. He was a member of 'Vani Gram Palika', Founder Chairman of Kadava Co-operative Sugar Factory, Vice Chairman of Nashik District Co – operative Bank. Because of his continuous social work for fifty years, he is called 'Sahakar Maharshi'. His Golden Jubilee of continuous unceasing service was celebrated and he was honoured by former Chief Minister Pruthviraj Chauhan and Former Deputy Chief Minister late Mr. R. R. Patil.

As he has done the progress in the area around Vani in Social, Economical, Agricultural, Religious and Cultural fields, the same way he is giving importance to the Educational field equally. According to his vision this generation should be educated, should have respect for Indian culture and values, regard for nature and environment and respect towards the Creation of God i.e. the nature, environment and all living beings. There should be all round development in a child so that the child will become good citizen of India and will become successful in life overcoming all obstacles on the way and to become good Human Being.

Vision of the School

To Provide an excellent platform for the development of the future generation of our country.

Mission of the School

To make children to be thinkers, innovators, decision makers, problem solvers or being successful in life & for serving the nation as well as all human being.