Rules & Regulations


The following documents must be produced at the time of admission:

  1. Original Births Certificate or School Leaving Certificate of the pupil from the previous school.
  2. True Copy of Progress card of the last attended school, if any.
  3. Admission form duly filled in Block Letters in English Only.
  4. True copy of Caste Certificate where applicable.

In case the pupil is from another District or State, then his/her school leaving certificate must be countersigned by the local educational authority of that particular District.

Students applying for Nursery admission should not be less than 3 years of age as on June 1st. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for other standards.

The school reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to pupils, without furnishing any reasons.

Parents/Guardians ate given to understand that they cannot dictate terms to the management; the management has the right to determine the conditions for admission or retention of the Student in the school.

Registration forms for admission are issued in the month of October.

If a student withdraws admission at any time before scheduled commencement of term, refund, if any, of fees, will be subject to the following provision:

If a student withdraws admission before 60 working days of the scheduled date commencement of term, Tuition and Term fees will be refunded.

If a student withdraws admission less than 60 working days before the scheduled date of commencement of term, the respective Tuition and Term fees will be payable.

No Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate will be issued until all the School dues have been paid fully.

Request for obtaining duplicate school Leaving Certificate by parents must be made in writing stating the reason with the notarized affidavit at least 10 days before.

  1. The application for a Leaving Certificate shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian to the month the fees for the following month will be charged.
  2. One months’ notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student, If not followed the fees for that month will be charged.
  3. Student who leave the school in April must also pay the fees for May.
  4. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application without having to assign reason for his/her action.